Pl-oh-ver or Pl-uh-ver? That is the question…

We’re often asked whether our name is pronounced “pl-oh-ver” or “pl-uh-ver”, and although we use the former, the latter is also correct. The next question is usually “what is a Plover anyway?”! And the answer is that the Egyptian Plover is the plucky little bird you may have seen David Attenborough comment on as it bravely sits in the mouth of a crocodile easily 100 times its size and picks its teeth clean. Just like our namesake, Plover Hygiene are specialists in cleaning the most challenging environments.

Having traded as a partnership since 2017, our continued expansion led to the incorporation of Plover Services Limited in February 2020. Hand in hand with the growth of our business, we have also been growing our brand. The first step was a logo; we needed something bold and simple to portray our company values of providing an effective, uncomplicated service, hence the clear text and only two colours. Green represents our commitment to minimising the impact of our work on the environment.

Next we had to get our new logo out there and what better way to do that than have it plastered on the side of our van! Again, we chose a fairly minimal design in keeping with our values. The design and installation were carried out by a local company with a reputation for quality – Squid Ink Designs – and they did not disappoint.

The fact you’re reading this lets me know that the second stage of our brand rollout is working because these days, no business is complete without an online presence. Our Facebook page has been fairly well established from the inception of the business and any small business owner will back me up that it is an invaluable tool in connecting customers with service providers, however it doesn’t match the presence of a well designed website. Anyone who has ever been involved in the setup of a new webpage will know that it’s a minefield for the uninitiated – if you don’t know you’re SSLs from your URLs then it’s easy to find yourself in a right mess! We know from experience that it’s important to have the right expert to guide you along the way; not only do they need to know what they’re doing, but they need to match your way of thinking. For that reason, we’re incredibly grateful to Mark from DigiAye Media for transforming our scrawled sketches and cryptic lists into a living, breathing webpage!

So, what’s on the cards for Plover in 2021? Billboards? Airships? Maybe we’ll sponsor a roundabout? Suggestions on a postcard please!

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