The word biohazard can mean many things; from blood and bodily fluid, to bird guano and rat droppings or needles and sewage.

Cleaning any of these up requires specialist knowledge and equipment to avoid the risk of injury and infection to both the operatives carrying out the work and anyone using the premises afterwards. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk so we offer a full bio-remediation service that goes far beyond just cleaning.

Why do you need a professional biohazard cleaning service?

  • The risks posed by biohazards are not always visible so in-depth knowledge and specialist equipment is required to ensure the hazard is dealt with safely.
  • If a biohazard isn’t dealt with properly it can cause future issues such as smells and pest infestations which are often difficult and costly to fix.

Why are Plover Hygiene your perfect partner for responsive biohazard cleaning?

  • We offer a complete turnkey solution to decontamination; from the initial survey, to cleaning and disinfection, through to waste disposal and reinstatement. Where work such as removing plasterboard or flooring is required, we can undertake this using our trusted network of tradespeople meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing.
  • Our service is professional and discreet. We never post photos of any sensitive work online or on social media.

Our capabilities:

  • Sewage clean-up:

    sewage can carry a number of diseases including Hepatitis A, Salmonella and E. Coli therefore clean-up must be handled carefully to ensure that no microbiological risks remain once the visible contamination is removed.

  • Trauma and crime scene cleaning:

    cleaning the aftermath of a traumatic incident requires discretion and skill. Our team can handle this situation tactfully and with complete professionalism to ensure that the affected premises is handed back to you safely and with no trace of the incident. We remove all visible traces of contamination before undertaking disinfection to remove potentially harmful pathogens and odours.

  • Blood and bodily fluid (vomit, faeces, urine):

    even small amounts of bodily fluids can be extremely dangerous and clean-up should never be attempted by untrained or ill-equipped staff.

  • Sharps disposal:

    from the collection of a single needle to needle sweeps of an entire property, we can remove and dispose of contaminated sharps. Its not only needles that can pose a risk – broken glass and blades are also potentially dangerous.

  • Squatters/void property clearance and cleaning:

    properties damaged by tenants or squatters can often pose a number of challenges and require an integrated approach including a number of services such as bodily fluid decontamination, sharps disposal and deep cleaning. This type of service is often called ‘dirty works’.

  • Loft decontamination following rodent or bird infestation:

    pest infestations in loft spaces and other voids often leave behind foul odours and the risk of disease. We take care of all waste disposal, odour treatment and disinfection to make the affected space safe.

  • Bird guano removal:

    even outside, bird guano can carry diseases such as Psittacosis and Salmonella as well as being unsightly and slippery underfoot. Plover Hygiene can clean and sanitise any affected area, even at height thanks to our IPAF and PASMA trained technicians.